About Us

We started Clair Brothers Audio Systems with a simple plan: install sound systems. It was an approach that made sense, after all our history is deeply rooted in perfecting audio.

It didn’t take long for that idea to be replaced with a bigger plan. We saw so much potential in designing and installing systems for the entire performance. As a result, our focus quickly widened to include acoustical analysis, lighting, control systems, 3-D and High Def Video and product manufacturing.

Since setting up our company as a separate entity from the renowned Clair touring division in 1989, we’ve established a world-class reputation in comprehensive system design and installation in the fields of audio, acoustics, video, lighting, system control, staging and rigging.

We are the only company in this business that does both manufacturing and integration. Our unique "design - build" approach has proven to be highly successful worldwide, as Clair Brothers products and integrations are currently found in theaters, entertainment complexes, hotels, conference rooms, amusement parks and houses of worship. (see our client list).


This is an image of well-organized wires on the back of a rack.We sweat the small stuff.

Take a look at one of our racks and you’ll see an example of the attention we pay to the smallest details. Our wiring is intricate and impeccable. It has to be; they are taken apart and assembled multiple times for testing purposes. Clean, organized wiring is essential for efficient, accurate assembly every time. Not to mention it just looks better.

Why go to all that trouble when nobody else does? It’s in our DNA--we are relentlessly committed to every single detail of a project and will only deliver the best.

One Clair Boulevard • Manheim, PA 17545

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